Rock Solid

Rock Solid running for East Kootenay schools during the fall of 2023

What is Rock Solid?

Rock Solid is a wilderness-based prevention education program designed for students transitioning from elementary school to high school. The transition from elementary school to high school requires a different level of skill and independence. Research indicates that a student’s positive experience in school and their larger community has a significant influence on lifelong learning, substance use patterns, social behaviors, and health.

Rock Solid is a program that uses the theories of “Circle of Courage” and outdoor education to offer students the experience of knowing their strengths, personal limits, values, and supports.  Our goal is to promote healthy personal development through physical challenges and social interaction. 

Youth in the East Kootenay dramatically change their use patterns from no use to experimenting during their transition from grade 7 to 8 and 8 to 9.  We also know many do not use substances. In knowing this we believe this transition period is an ideal time to introduce Rock Solid.

Rock Solid offers healthy connections, which are necessary when growing up safe.  Students also have lots of fun and are reminded of the importance of substance-free play.

The non-traditional setting of the outdoors gives students the opportunity to know their personal strengths and meet community support people who can be a positive influence.  The components of Rock Solid will increase students’ knowledge of substances, personal and family strengths, and community resources to keep healthy.

Where and when does Rock Solid run?

Rock Solid is coordinated by East Kootenay Addiction Services Society.  It has 1-2 classroom sessions and 1 day-long outdoor session.

The program is offered to any middle/high school in the East Kootenay in collaboration with any of the three School Districts.

Any school interested in running Rock Solid should contact Theresa Bartraw, Youth Substance Use Prevention Coordinator at East Kootenay Addiction Services at 1-877-489-4344

East Kootenay Addictions Services runs similar professional development days for school staff teams.