Residential Treatment Programs

Residential Treatment Programs are live-in programs that typically last from 5 to 8 weeks but may last longer. The Programs provide a safe environment for clients to focus on their recovery. Programming usually consists of group counselling, individual counselling, participation in life-skills and recreation activities, and attendance at 12-Step or other support groups.

Residential Treatment Programs may be Public programs run by non-profit societies, or may be Private for-profit programs. EKASS has a list of approved Residential Programs in British Columbia that it can refer clients to. EKASS does not refer to private for-profit programs. 

There is a fee for attending a Residential Treatment Program that the client must pay. This can range from $40.00 per day to over $120.00 per day for approved Public programs. Private for-profit programs usually cost $14,000 or more for 28 days.

Clients who are on Income Assistance can have their Residential Treatment costs covered when they are attending a program in B.C.  EKASS receives a small amount of funds to help support people meet the costs of Residential Treatment. EKASS is also able to provide bus tickets to help people get to a Residential Treatment Program.

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